QuantiSure Partners

OUTsurance: A member of the First Rand group, took the industry by storm when they brought the concept of the "OUTbonus"(tm) to market - a concept whereby they pay you back a portion of your premiums of you remain claim free. They also have a reputation for very competitive premiums (the slogan: "One in two people get a better deal with OUTsurance"), and some of the best actuaries are reported to work there - meaning that they can assess risk very accurately and therefore derive very fair premiums. Because of the differences between Direct's and Brokers, QuantiSure maintains a very good relationship with OUTsurance.
Diagonal Insurance: A traditional Insurance Broker with a 31 year track record and an excellent reputation. They have access to variety of Insurers (Underwriters) that allows them create niche products and very competitive premiums. QuantiSure has a very solid relationship with Diagonal and does the majority of its business through Diagonal.
Dial Direct: They launched with the slogan of "Cutting the middle man out". They have a similar concept to OUTsurance called a "Bucks Back Bonus". For various reasons QuantiSure does not do a lot of business with Dial Direct at present. Should you wish to get a quote from them, CLICK HERE
Some of our recent smaller broker partners include:
 Constellation Financial Services

Collectively these broker partners of QuantiSure have access to 17 different insurance companies and underwriters.
Some of the more well known insurance companies include :

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