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Direct Insurers vs Traditional Insurance Brokers

Direct Insurers

These include the likes of OUTsurance and Dial Direct.

Their main claim to fame is, that they cut the middel man out.

Traditional Broker based Insurers

These companies have existed for a long time, and have developed very clear separation between customer service and dealing with risks. The theory of this is that you have separate specialised entities, and that each broker can develop closer relationships with clients and offer them better service, understand the risks better and negotiate in bulk on behalf of clients.

So which is better ?

OUTsurance has recently made the bold statement that 1/2 people reduce their premiums by insuring with them. Of course this means that a large portion of the other half save money with the traditional insurers. I found that the traditional insurers have saved me money in the past, and the key thing that allows this to happen, is if you include your house-hold contents in the deal - often times its cheaper to insure with household contents than without.

Generally by speaking to our clients and to the various insurance companies, we have concluded that sometimes the direct company is the cheapest, and sometimes the traditional insurance broker is the cheapest.

So why not use QuantiSure to submit your business enquiry to both in one go ?

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